Stronger Now For Women – It’s About Strength Now and For Life

Stronger Now For Women – It’s About Strength Now and For Life

I am into strength training.  I am all for women who strength train.  I want to help other women take up strength training.  Strength training is so much more than “losing weight, getting skinny, and fitting in jeans.”  It’s about getting strong –> getting Stronger Now and getting stronger for the long-haul.  I would rather be as strong as I can while I am going through life rather than being skinny and struggling along in life.  What do you think?

10 reasons for women to get Stronger Now:

  1.  To help us move better in daily functional activities like squatting, reaching overhead, getting off the floor, picking things off the floor, pulling, pushing and carrying heavier items
  2.  To help us perform better in our extracurricular activities
  3.  To help us have greater confidence both physically and mentally
  4.  To help us help others who are incapable of performing a task on their own
  5.  To help us achieve an overall good body feeling
  6.  To help us challenge ourselves to push our strength a little further
  7.  To help us realize that we need our strength especially as we get older and older
  8.  To help set examples for others around us
  9.  To help us have a purpose for training
  10.  To help us pass along the message and inspire someone else

Are you ready to get into strength training and to get Stronger Now?  I can help you get started.  Contact me with any questions.






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