Smart nutrition

Smart nutrition begins with 5 key elements in order to be successful with better nutrition habits and practices:


1.  Think – Take the time to think about and answer some important questions on your current lifestyle, routines, patterns, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles that may be holding you back from smarter nutrition choices, habits, and practices.  Write down your answers.  This will you help establish your starting point – which is always the best place to begin.


2.  Choose – Choose a goal/goals based off your “thinking” that you want to achieve or key actions that you want to change.  It should be a very simple change or changes that can be taken in small steps.  The goal/goals should be accomplished in a short time – a short-term goal.  Once achieved, then make new manageable goals.


3.  Do – Decide to take action on your goal/goals and follow it from start to finish, then you can begin another goal.  Again, goals are accomplished in baby steps.  You have to put in the effort to make it work.   Setting a goal/goals keep you on track.  Keep “doing” and stick with it until it “sticks.”


4.  Learn – Working toward a goal/goals is a learning process.  You will learn a lot along the way.  It will also get challenging throughout.  The challenge is the learning part, and that’s how you learn to get passed it and turn it into a better habit.  Write down what worked, what has to be practiced again, or what adjustments have to be made.


5.  Understand – You must begin to understand that moving towards smarter nutrition is hard work, requires patience, consistency, and practice.  It is understanding that it is not supposed to be perfect, because you have to experience getting the mind and body adapted to the new practice, working around setbacks, making adjustments, and setting new goals in order to go through the process again.  You will understand in the end that taking the time for smarter nutrition was well worth it!