Smart Training

Smart strength training always involves 5 key elements in order to get physically stronger and to be successful in your training:


1.  Train with resistance.  This is one of the best ways to build overall body strength no matter your training level or level of strength.  Training with a load or resistance like body weight or weights and using exercise progressions slowly and safely builds strength overtime.


2.  Follow a simple strength program.  This is a smart starting point to establish your baseline strength.  Basic exercises and movements are used to build “starting strength” and to build a solid foundation.  This initial phase may seem repetitive and slow, but there’s plenty of time for changes.


3.  Focus on the middle of the program.  This tells the whole story about your training progress and successes.  It is also where you experience your strengths, weaknesses, progressions, setbacks, obstacles, and adjustments.  It is necessary.  A training log is required to document all relevant info.


4.  Reassess at the end of the program.  This is where starting and finishing a program is important.  There’s enough information from your training log (#3 above) to reassess the program and decide whether to continue or to make changes.  Be proud of your progress here.


5.  Plan for the next round of training.  This is where you keep the momentum going and to continue smart training year-round.  A lot of progress has been made, so you continue to build your strength with the same program or experience another one.  There are plenty of program variations to keep strength training fun and to be successful and feel strong.


Here is your opportunity to begin a basic strength program.  A good starting point is using my 4-Week Smart Startup Strength & Conditioning Plan by looking to the right of this page and clicking on the program’s picture to download it right away.  I recommend starting it sooner than later in order to begin building a solid foundation.  There is a conditioning component in the program that is beneficial in finishing up a workout, but if you just want to focus on the strength part that is fine.