My Personal Side


I’d like to get to know you, so please pop-in at anytime and introduce yourself.  Here is a snapshot about me.  I have recently moved to New Orleans, LA with my husband, Mike.  We are both retired, and we keep everything low key, in that, we do not have any kids, pets, or houseplants.  I have known Mike for 32 years, married 24 years, and a military wife for 22 years.  We are still going strong, and I must say, we are a great team.  Our freedom together is our love!


I am a plain girl by choice.  I have acquired a taste for simplicity in my life, and that transfers over to pretty much everything that I do, say, or own.  You will find simplicity in my training, my home environment, my activities, my travels, my belongings, my foods, my conversations, my writings, etc.  It turns out that the more simple my life becomes the more I am relaxed, happy, and content.


I am now a van camping lover.  When my husband retired, we got rid of everything we owned, except the essentials and necessities for van life.  In the beginning we were homeless (no home base), but I considered our van our home.  I loved it!  Now that we have a home base, we still van camp for weeks or months at a time and just wander around the country.  Our favorite route is exploring up and down the California coast.


I like to roam, get lost, explore, and live in different states.  I guess that is called a nomad.  OK, we are nomads.  In the military, we moved every 2-3 years, so I got used to the moving and actually enjoyed packing up and leaving (except when I lived in California).  Since retirement, we have been moving every year to different states.  The simplicity factor comes in very handy when we are ready to move.  It’s nice that the van can get packed up in 1 hour, then we are on our way.


Take me to the outdoors, to some dirt, and to some trees, and I will take advantage of it.  I can do absolutely nothing (which is something) like looking at trees and drinking coffee, or I can bring myself alive by training, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, obstacle course racing, or rucking.  Hammock napping, bird watching, leisure walking, and even picking up trash are all part of my outdoor adventures too.  All of this fun is with Mike following me or I’m following him.









There’s one last tidbit about me that keeps me personally grounded.  I have been reading stoicism.  Mike and I have been taking one letter a day from one of several books on Stoicism and reading it.  We will briefly interpret it and discuss it.  All the letters bring a valuable lesson, tool, or reflection on how Mike and I can incorporate it into our daily lives in order to become better people, to bring more peace and happiness into our lives, to teach us how to react in many situations, and to better understand the world and the people around us.  I can say that we view things differently now and that we are enjoying our lives because of it!


Life is good!