My First Pushup Story And Your Free Pushup Program

My First Pushup Story And Your Free Pushup Program

I enjoy training pushups.  One day, years ago, I decided that I wanted to be good at pushups.  I was always challenging myself to see what was possible with harder exercises, so pushups was next on my list.  Plus, I was training with my husband who had to train for pushups in the military, so that also led me to give this tough exercise a shot.

I started practicing pushups – with a goal and plan in mind.  My husband coached me and supported me, and he was just as excited as I was to finally begin training another challenging exercise.  I was persistent and determined to get a few quality pushups, so I put forth the effort in every workout.

I did indeed achieve a few good pushups!  Pushups are hard.  Pushups that are done with correct form are even more challenging, so I continued to learn how to maintain good form throughout.  I was glad that I did, because my pushups improved and became “easier.”  That’s when the pushups enjoyment started.

I went from 1 sloppy pushup to 35 complete pushups.  I progressed to elevated feet, resistance, and finally to one-arm pushups.  It took me lots of practice, patience, and persistence over many years, but all my progressions happened one step at a time.  There are still more pushups in me, but it will take more time to see what I am capable of achieving.

Overall, it wasn’t about how many pushups or advanced pushup progressions that I did.  It was more about staying dedicated to a plan and reaching my goal through consistency, patience, and hard work.  That’s where my success happened!  I enjoy training pushups; therefore, I will continue to practice.

I want you to do the same, and that’s why I created this simple “First 3 Pushups” Program, so that you can go beyond your expectations.   I am here to guide you and to inspire you to enjoy the process like I did.  This is a basic plan and that’s all you need to make progress.  I learned a simple way and simple training works! 

This “First 3 Pushups” Program was created by my husband and I.  Let us know if you ever have any questions.  Train hard!

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