My First Pull-Up Story And Your Free Pull-Up Program

My First Pull-Up Story And Your Free Pull-Up Program

I enjoy training pull-ups.  About 11 years ago I decided that I wanted to do pull-ups like everyone else.  That “everyone else” were the guys.  “Why can’t a girl do pull-ups, pushups, squats, deadlifts, and bench presses like the guys?” Plus, I was training with my husband, so I wanted to do something “more” in my training.  I wanted to get stronger with the tougher “lifts.”

I started practicing pull-ups – every training session.  My “training partner” guided me and supported me, and he was just as excited as I was to finally begin training the one big “lift” that I was neglecting.  I had a plan set by my “coach,” and I followed it and logged all my sessions in a notebook.  I was persistent and determined to get my first pull-up, so I put forth the effort in every workout.

I finally achieved that first pull-up.  What an amazing accomplishment!  At times I never thought it would happen, but patience paid off.  I got past that first pull-up obstacle, and that’s when the pull-up enjoyment started.  I wanted to achieve more and more pull-ups, not sure how many more, but just the challenge of seeing what I was capable of reaching.

I eventually reached 15 full-range body weight pull-ups and completed 3 pull-ups with 50 pounds.  My favorite grip was and still is the overhand or pull-up grip.  I even enjoyed participating in a pull-up challenge at a Spartan Race.  One girl earned more that day with 21 pull-ups.  Recently, I’ve increased my pull-ups to 16 and earned one pull-up with 53 lbs.

Overall, it wasn’t about how many body weight or weighted pull-ups that I did or even if someone could do more than me.  It was more about staying dedicated to a plan and reaching my goal through consistency, patience, and hard work.  That’s where my success happened!  I enjoy training pull-ups; therefore, I will continue to practice.

I want you to do the same, and that’s why I created this simple “First 3 Pull-Ups” Program so that you can go beyond your expectations.  I am here to guide you and to inspire you to enjoy the process like I did.  This is a basic plan and that’s all you need to make progress.  I learned a simple way and simple training works! 

This “First 3 Pull-Ups” Program was created by my husband and I.  Let us know if you ever have any questions.  Train hard!

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