My Current Nutrition

…and other pieces of info about my nutrition

…When I am on the road van camping, I eat the same foods as my “current nutrition.”


What is my current nutrition?

I mainly focus on proteins, fats, vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits.  The foods that I enjoy the most are eggs, variety of meats, beans, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, fruits, and berries as well as kelp, avocados, cheese, protein pancakes, and greek yogurt.  I will also have the occasional bagel, rice, sweet potatoes, and nut butters.  My “snacks” are really the foods above, but in smaller portions.  I drink water and decaffeinated coffee.  


Do I eat sweets or junk foods?

I’ve outgrown sweets and junk foods, but on occasion I will take a sample bite of them.  I do not buy them.  What I enjoy as a “sweet” is plain greek yogurt with fixings such as nut butters (occasionally), nuts, coconut, frozen banana, and berries.


When do I eat?

I eat when I am hungry.  My eating usually turns out to be early morning when I wake up, late morning after my training, and early afternoon whether it is a main meal or smaller meals or snacks.  Most of the time, I have been stopping all my eating by 3 pm.  


Do I splurge or eat whatever I want?

I “splurge,” and I eat whatever I want, but I do not over consume.  I do have control over foods.  If I “splurge” I eat fish tacos or a burrito once a week, and I end up sharing it with my husband.  I also “splurge” on pizza every 2-3 months and share that as well.  I still prefer to eat meat and vegetables though.


What do I eat before or after training?

I stick with my meals, because my meals are usually around my training time.  I do not eat or drink anything special before or after training.


How often do I go to restaurants?

I prefer not to eat at restaurants, but I do eat at the good Mexican walk-up places (because it’s San Diego) and my favorite pizza place.  I actually prefer to eat at home, bring my own foods, or pick something up in a grocery store when away from home.  Well, my favorite “restaurant” is cooking my own foods in the outdoors at a campground.


How do I handle my nutrition at social gatherings?

I usually eat a little something beforehand, so that I am satisfied before I show up at gatherings.  I will also have small portions or samples of different foods, but since I know what foods work well with me, I know what to pick and choose.  I drink water at social gatherings too.


Do I follow any other “diets?”

Occasionally, I like to experiment with a diet or two as well as experiment with different eating times, but I always end up going back to my “whole foods” way of eating.  That is what I prefer and what makes me feel at my best!


Do I take nutritional supplements or use sports supplements?

No.  Although I’ve experienced with various nutritional and sports supplements in the past, this is what I currently choose to do.  I am not against any supplements, and I may likely go back to using a few to supplement my diet.


Why do I eat the way that I do?

This way of eating feels natural and works well for me right now.  I also choose foods, habits, and practices that fuel me and serve me well.  This way of eating did not come easy for me, but I finally realized that it is about proper nutrition and nutrients to get me through the day, through training, through sleep, (and hopefully through life); therefore, I am able to follow through with this wherever I am or wherever I go.  My nutrition is not perfect, and it will never be, but all I can do is work on tweaking a few things here and there as my body changes with age.