I Just Want To Feel Balanced – How Stronger Nutrition Is Key & Your Simple Guide

I Just Want To Feel Balanced – How Stronger Nutrition Is Key & Your Simple Guide

I strived for a long time to learn how to properly fuel my body with the proper foods that would help me feel energized, healthy, and strong as well as help me move well, sleep well, and be well all at the same time.  Trying to balance it all out seemed impossible, but as I later found out, it was possible.  As a matter of fact, it was necessary…to live better and to feel better!

For most of my adult life (and even some teenage years), I forced myself into many unhealthy nutrition practices.  No wonder I couldn’t find balance.  I was working against my body rather than working with it.  Eventually, I figured out how to do just “better.”  First, I had to stop following trends, comparing myself to others, and looking at magazines or the internet.  Second, I went back to the obvious, the basics, the very basics of nutrition.

I started following common sense nutrition guidelines, and I found myself  slowing down, being patient, and learning the process.  I began to take ownership of my own health, appreciate basic nutrition, learn simple steps to make progress, manage my nutrition better, recognize progress and setbacks, feel in control, and be proud of small accomplishments.  I call this Stronger Nutrition, because I got stronger mentally (I stepped up to the plate) and made the changes happen.  I figured out what I had to do, I did it, and it happened.  My nutrition is not perfect, but a whole lot better.  I understand the process and what it takes.  I am more balanced and in control with my mind and body than I ever had.  That’s what I have been aiming for all along!

I want to help you achieve Stronger Nutrition practices.  I have put together a very basic and brief guide here:  Stronger Nutrition Guide – Taking It In Small Steps To Make It Work, so that you can understand how simple (not easy) it can be.  If this guide cannot be mastered, then it will be difficult to have balance in your life.  This information is everything we all know, but most of us neglect the common sense basics.  Let’s not make nutrition harder than it really needs to be.  Master the basics first, then work on specifics later. 

Don’t you want to feel balanced – energized, healthy, strong, move well, sleep well, and be well?  Stronger Nutrition practices are key!

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