About My Site


I’m Suzanne.  Welcome to my site/blog.

Stronger Now & Plain Living was created together for a purpose.  It is for those looking to balance training, plain living, and adventures.  I personally live this way, so I will share my training, lifestyle, experiences, and adventures here.

I want to help others take away at least one practical tip or idea from this site and put it into practice.  This was how I began to balance what was important in my life.  This is how I am currently learning, living, and having fun as well.

Stronger Now is about keeping our bodies strong.  It is about moving our bodies everyday in some way as well as putting some type of challenge or resistance on the muscles, joints, and bones.  Stronger Now means that it is time to get stronger today and not wait around.  It also means that once we are satisfied with our strength; hence, we are Stronger Now, then we continue to maintain it throughout life.  We earned it.

Plain Living is about learning to live happier with the basic necessities.  It is about decluttering what is not necessary in our lives that we think makes us happy.  It is about gaining more freedom by investing in our time.

Adventures is about doing what we love to do.  It is about spending more time on fun activities vs spending more money on “stuff.”  It is about small adventures that make us content and that we keep going back to.  It is slowing down and enjoying every little thing.

I’ve learned to “just be”- doing what is best to keep my strength, health, freedom, character, integrity, and honesty in my life.  No one can take that away from me!  Everything else doesn’t really matter.

Enjoy my site!